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Elephant Tour & Deerland & Fireflies & Batu Cave Tour

The Elephant Conservation Centre was establish in 1989. This is the only one centre where the relocation of elephant team is work on. Those elephant in the conservation centre was discovered from various part in Malaysia.

When you visit elephant sanctuary you will get a chance to watch 30min video about how all the elephant was relocated in this centre.

Deerland park is another interesting venue you will visit on the way to elephant conservation centre. This deerland park wholly own and manage by privately call derpark management.

In this deerland park you will see four different type of deer which from Indonesia / East Asia and local deer call Samba and Mouse Deer.

Beside deers you will also get the chance to see local phytoon and some other different animals.

Batu Cave is a Hindu Temple which was discovered by an Indian trader cal Mr.Thamboosamy Pillai.

In early day batu cave started as private shrine and later it become public shrine.

Batu cave which located slightly outskirt of the city and take around 40min drive from the city.

Batu cave mainly divide into 3 cave which is main cave where you have to climb 272 steps to reach the top and dark cave located in the middle of the main cave and the gallery cave where you will see all the main history of hindu.

Lately the temple management has structured the tallest Lord Murugan Statue at Batu Cave which is 42.6 meter hight.

The main festival celebrate at Batu Cave by the hindu community is called Thaipusam which fall in the middle of January or early February.

The estimate crow for this particular festival is around 1 million people will get toghether at Batu Cave.


Kuala Selangor is the capital city for state of Selangor which located about one hour drive from main city of Kuala Lumpur. There is few main reason why local people and foreign tourist why they love to travel to this small town is because to visit the fireflies colony and enjoy very famous seafood dishes at nearby village call Pasir Penambang and also see the panoramic view of the small town and straits of Malaca from the hill side call Melawati Hill.

This place also known as one of the biggest fireflies colony in the world. You will enjoy the night with the local boatman in very classic rowing boat go along the river to watch the fireflies at night time which look like decorated christmas tree.

The fireflies are found in mangrove species tree call berembang.


Price GST (6%) Total
Adult 2 persons RM380.00 per person RM22.80 per person RM402.80 per person
Adult 4 persons RM340.00 per person RM20.40 per person RM360.40 per person
Adult 6 persons RM320.00 per person RM19.20 per person RM339.20 per person
Adult 8 persons RM280.00 per person RM16.80 per person RM296.80 per person
Child (3 – 11) RM200.00 per person RM12.00 per person RM212.00 per person
Child (Below 3yrs) FOC

Places of Interest

  • Batu Caves (Visit Stop)
  • Deerland (Visit Stop)
  • Aborigines Village (Drive Pass)
  • Elephant Sanctuary (Visit Stop)
  • Local Lunch (Visit Stop)
  • Palm Oil Tree (Photo Stop)
  • Bukit Melawati (Fort Altingsburg) (Visit Stop)
  • Seafood Dinner / Vegetarian food serve upon request (Halal Food) (Visit Stop)
  • Boat Ride to see fireflies (Visit Stop)


  • Minimum 2 persons.
  • DEPOSIT RM100 is required, balance payment (Cash Only) upon pick up.
  • Total prices shown above are including 6% for GST (Good Services Tax).

What to Bring and Do:
Bring extra cash for other purchases during the tour. Change of clothes (for changing after elephant activities (only if you bath with the elephant) – please take note, after the Elephant activities, all guest are require to clean up (shower & change clothing) before boarding), Sarong, Personal medication and cravings, River sandals or sport shoes with laces. A pair of socks is recommended if using sport shoes, Straps for spectacles or goggles for contact lenses, Towel, Shoes, Slippers, Sun block Personal toiletries.

Wear comfortable (not over expose your body)
T-shirt or shirt with sleeves is fine
Do not wear Short Pants or Hot Pants
Do not wear Short Skirts or Mini Skirts (above knee level)
Long Pants are fine

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